The children in our ministry are given the option to move to the Bridge House after graduating from high school. The Bridge House is a supervised, apartment-style transitional home in Tegucigalpa that focuses on helping our young people develop personal responsibility and the life skills necessary to build confidence and independence. Our young people are at the crossroads of adolescence and adulthood and we want to provide guidance and training as they make the transition to independent living after their life at Rancho Ebenezer.
A loving, on-site mentor couple provides our young adults with hands-on support and encouragement while they learn life skills, such as how to budget their finances, purchase and prepare their own food, and use public transportation in the city. They are also mentored in key areas such as developing a Christian worldview, interviewing for a job, and navigating romantic relationships.
Each of our young adults is expected to find a job and work throughout their residency at the Bridge House. Those who choose to go to college can apply for a full scholarship, which is dependent upon maintaining good grades. They may continue in the program as long as they are pursuing identifiable goals to enhance their opportunities in the future.
In the years the Bridge House has been in existence (since 2003), WGO graduates have become elementary school teachers, sales associates, service industry employees, professional translators, university students, short-term mission team leaders, construction workers and more.