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Job Description


Reports to:  Board of Directors 
Positions reporting to the CEO: 

Field Director for Honduras

VP of Partner Relations
Field Director for Belize
Director of Human Resources 

Description of Position: 

The essence of this position is that it is responsible for all of the daily operations in all three countries. This position collaborates with the Executive Chairman of the Board and the Board to design a strategy and then implement it. This position is a calling more than a job.  At various points in time this position will be called on for effort above and beyond the job description, which transcends the concept of a job and instead is driven by a passion for the ministry and sacrificial service. 

The following is a summary of these activities: 

  • Operations:  Has oversight responsibility in coordination with the executive staff for all operations in the U.S., Honduras and Belize. 

Serve Team operations: All team operations in Honduras and Belize, hiring of staff, scheduling of teams, security at all of the minsitry facilities and on remote sites.  Management and promotion of the pastoral discipleship program. 

Children’s ministry: Management of the children’s ministry at Rancho Ebenezer, including the school Ebenezer Academy and the supporting agricultural activies such as coffee. 

Care and maintenance of physical facilities: Oversee all ministry facilities in three countries.  Development of additional physical facilities as needed and approved by the board. 

  •  Financial: The primary person responsible for the execution of ministry operations to set and meet budget plans including board specified levels of cash reserves. Development of operating and capital budgets, operating within budget constraints, monthly reporting to Executive Chairman and Board for annual presentation of the overall budget to the Board. Work with the CFO to ensure the ministry overall tracking of finanical performance against budget. 

  • Metrics: Establish regular, monthly metrics not just in the financial area but in other areas such as team counts, number of incoming missionary prospects, risk management, staff retention, emergency preparation, partner retention, etc.  Develop a set of leading indicators to aid in management of the ministry.  

  • Legal:  Ensure complete legal compliance with all governing authorities in all three countries, e.g., operating permits, annual incorporation papers, tax filing, environmental compliance, children’s welfare reports, labor law compliance, municipal operations compliance, etc.  Ensure overall annual review of ECFA requirements and ministry compliance with the mandates. 
  •  Partner Relations: One of the primary duties of the CEO is in the area of development. This includes ensuring that a strategy is in place that establishes a  solid and stable flow of revenue to maintain ministry operations and growth. Approximately 60% of the revenue comes from teams that the CEO’s executive team and their staff have direct contact with. The CEO has a significant responsibility to leverage the facetime he and his staff have with this partner constituency by managing and executing an overall development strategy which includes reducing our reliance on teams. A major responsibility will be to equip and encourage the VP of Partner Relations, as well as the Field Directors, to shepherd all fundraising opportunities. This will help to ensure we grow the funding sources for the ministry, including increasing team numbers, individual partners, grant awards, and church missions funding.  The CEO, as the public face of the ministry, should be looking for new ways to interface with potential and existing financial partners. There is an expecatation that the CEO would himself  be a major partner to the ministry
  • Strategy: Collaborate with the Executive Chairman and the Board to design a strategy and be fully responsible to execute and implement the strategy.  This strategy will include collaboration on overall vision and direction, funding, succession, emergency preparation, staffing, risk assessment, etc. 
  •  Belize Success and Vision:  Although this falls under strategic planning, because Belize is so new to us that we need a concentrated effort to better define what WGO’s mission in Belize is and what resources will be needed to accomplish the mission.  Praying through and executing a plan for outreach, staffing, church relations, budget, equipment and training, etc. is currently a high priority.  As we have known all along, as challenging as getting the physical campus built and in place, the bigger challenge is making WGO Belize a truly viable and successful long-term ministry. 
  • Human Resources: Through the HR Director, ensure adequate staffing levels both in the area of self-supported missionaries and salaried staff. Ensure healthy levels of missionary and member care for longevity and retention.  Ensure all HR functions and personnel decisions are legally compliant. 
  •  Management: Develop and maintain organizational structures and establish processes, best practices and systems to ensure effective and efficient ministry operation. Be able to lead and motivate an executive team that is a mix of volunteers, self-supported missionaries and salaried staff. Be able to multi-task at the highest level, managing staff in three countries and comfortable in a cross-cultural environment. Fluency in Spanish  is a plus. Set in place systems of measuring and monitoring outcomes.  Set priorities and resources accordingly.  Participate and fully engage in board meetings.  Collaborate with the Executive Chairman in accomplishing risk management and strategic planning. Keep the Executive Chairman informed on all important matters between board meetings. 
  • Risk Management: Collaborate with the Executive Chairman and the Board to assess and mitigate risks, devise a emergency preparedness and disaster recovery plan.  Maintain effective internal controls and overall risk management. 
  • Communication: Regularly communicate both in written and verbal forms to a variety of audiences, e.g., ministry staff, Serve Team members, partners, mission committees, etc.  Write articles for newsletters, web sites, etc. expounding upon the ministry vision.   Regularly do presentations and other public speaking events.  The CEO is the  primary public representative of the ministry. 
  • Technology: Ensure the ministry is fully managing and leveraging information, IT and related technology. 
  • Staff development: This involves making sure that the staff, especially the executives, get appropriate training for their role, that conversations about careeer goals and job satisfaction happen, and that we have a clear understanding of their personal vision and goals. All of this speaks into how we build into the staff to accomplish longevity and personal health and balance.  For the senior management team, the CEO must be the catalyst to make sure this critical part of our staff are working effectively as a leadership team.  Help create and promote a healthy organizational culture. 
  • Spiritual leadership:  This position requires a strong, spiritually mature leader who models and can ensure that a consistent and strong biblical model permeates the organization.  Will need to build into and support the staff and especially the executive team spiritually.  Lead from Scripture. 
  • Travel: This position currently requires regular travel to Honduras, Belize and various parts of the US where we have existing or potential church and individual partners.  Being open to persue ministry expansion is always important.  
  • Succession planning:  Ensure that cross-training is accomplished ministry-wide for all positions.  Establish a clear and defined succession plan for all mission-critical, key operating positions.

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