Impact on the Believer


At WGO we have seen how people grow in their faith and love for Jesus when they serve Him through the poor of Honduras and Belize.  Many team members share about how God has used that experience to open their eyes and heart to love Him even more.  And as their love for Jesus grows, they desire to serve Him even more and in a deeper way. We see this resulting in the team members returning to serve and bringing family members and friends with them when they come again. We also hear about them getting involved in ministry in their local church, community and around the world.


"I remember vividly the night in Tegucigalpa when we shared fellowship, and we wept over the children we had just left at the orphanage in Valle de Angeles. You taught me to pray that night. You showed me the Walk in Jesus Christ. In the tears of the children, in the cries of the hungry, the homeless, the naked, there is a loud call from Christ to action, to giving, and to total surrender."
- Kenneth Piazza, M.D. WGO Serve Team member 1988



Impact on Serve Team members


Honduras has continued to be a special place to our family where God revealed Himself to us and teaches us. We are so thankful we get to be a part of it and look forward to our third WGO trip this winter.

  Dustin M. served on and lead WGO teams from 2013- 2016.



Serving the Honduran people is a truly remarkable experience. The love they have for family, their ability to positively persevere through hardships, the remarkable faith and love they have for the Lord living in a tough culture and the remarkable kids never ceases to amaze me. They provide a great example of faithful living that I too often forget.

Scott H. has served on WGO teams from 2003-2016.



The real impact of an intense, one week devotion to service in God's Kingdom in Honduras is the ability to leave so much of your distracting life behind.  God can assume such a great position in your life when you give him a foot hold to your heart, and you see great walks of faith modeled for you from so many directions.  One year, and I was hooked, and God has helped me lead 8 subsequent mission weeks to WGO.  Every year is different, but the common theme is God speaks to His people, and if we give Him a chance, we can hear His loving and guiding voice. 

David N. has served and lead WGO teams from 2007-2016.


I realized that God was at work. WGO workers were not only doing God’s work by being His hands and feet- meeting the needs of the lost and lonely- they were serving and witnessing to me, a volunteer from Missouri! I thank God for introducing me to Anna and for allowing me to be part of His massive Kingdom. God’s love is given away so freely and on that day, Anna helped me realize God is calling me to follow Him into the world- to meet the needs of people in Honduras.

Mara C. has served on WGO teams from 2014-2016.


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