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No, this is not Belize Marine Cruises. Rather it’s our future Mission Center (M.C.) building at our Belize campus, enabling us to host larger teams, to minister to a greater number of Belizeans.

It’s true, Belize has proven to be an ideal location for WGO’s first expansion to a new country.  There is so much economic, medical, educational, and spiritual poverty in this young nation.  The Lord is using our U.S. church partner teams in mighty and effective ways as they serve here.  One problem we are currently facing is that we have to limit church teams who want to bring down more team members than we can accommodate.  More North Americans coming to serve means more Belizeans hear the Good News of the Gospel and feel the team’s love and care for them.  This is the purpose of our future Mission Center.

Currently the Belize campus, located in Belmopan, includes three team bunkhouse cabins (one of which is being used as a temporary kitchen & meeting/dining room), two residential cabins for permanent staff, one apartment cabin for visitors and interns, and a workshop/cistern building.  Not having dining and meeting space for larger teams means fewer people are able to come to serve and share the Gospel with Belizeans.  Our current focus on expansion of the future Mission Center is to allow for hosting of larger teams: ideally 28-36 people.

We still need $50,000 to complete the Mission Center, including the kitchen and furnishings. Please prayrerfully consider if you can help. This building will enable us to serve more Belizeans with the love of Jesus as we are able to host more team members.

Questions? Contact  [email protected]   or call 630-359-5175