We Exist to Serve and Evangelize Abandoned Children and the Poor, While Impacting the Faith of Christians 



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To Help with the General Support of WGO, You can

Donate to Where Needed Most

Your sponsorship of $30.00 or more per month will go directly to the care of the child that your sponsor at Ranch Ebenezer. To learn more of them and the WGOKids program click on the WGOKids image on the wheel.

Your sponsorship of $30.00 or more per month will go directly to the care of the child that your sponsor at Ranch Ebenezer.

WGO Serve Teams
WGO Serve Teams provide basic medical, dental and optical care to some of the poorest people in Honduras and Belize. Other ways the teams serve are washing children's hair, providing concrete floors and sharing the Good News of Jesus' love for all people. We invite you to come join one of our teams. To learn more about being on a Serve Team, click on the Serve Team image on the wheel.

Every week many people in Honduras, and now also in Belize, are helped in our free clinics. We invite you to come join one of out teams.

Planned Giving
Planned Giving can benefit your whole family and World Gospel Outreach. There are many Planned Giving options available. To learn more about these options, click on the Planned Giving image on the wheel.

Planned Giving to your favorite Mission is a great way to support us. Please view the videos on our Planned Giving Page.

WGO'S Work in BelizeAfter celebrating 31 years of ministry in Honduras, World Gospel Outreach is expanding into Belize. To learn more about our ministry in Belize, click on the Belize image on the wheel.

After celebrating 31 years of ministry in Honduras, World Gospel Outreach is expanding into Belize. Our vision is simple: We seek to win the country of Belize over to Christ.

These are some of the many people served at one of our clinics. The financial costs to treat the many thousands of people we see each year is provided by donations from people like you. To help those whose lives are touched by WGO, click on the CarePay image on the wheel.

WGO Serve Teams are the hands and feet of Jesus in Tegucigalpa. Each year they minister to the medical needs of over 100,000 Hondurans who have little or no medical care available. To help fund this vital part of our ministry we have created a program called CarePay.

WGO Missionary Support
These are some of our long and short term missionaries. Our missionaries depend on support from friends and supporters just like you. To make a donation, Click on the Support our Missionaries image on the wheel.

"Our missionaries depend on on-going financial support. Your regular gift will be a great encouragement to them. You may not be called to be a missionary, but you can help support one. To support the ministry of one of our missionaries, visit our support page"

Top Ten Ministry Needs
Here you will find a list of some of the major needs we have. Click on the Ministry Needs image on the Wheel to see the list.



Teams of volunteers provide a vital link between the Church in the US and the needs of people in Honduras and Belize. Teams are given opportunities to serve, using the full breadth of their abilities to make life-changing and meaningful contributions that impact the people of Honduras and Belize. 
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Rancho Ebenezer’s lively 80-acre campus serves as home to abandoned, orphaned and displaced children from birth to 18 years of age. We provide caring homes, an excellent education with a bilingual emphasis and vocational training to our young at-risk population. Here, children experience a loving family life under the guidance of attentive caregivers and Mentor Parents who look to their physical and spiritual needs daily, teaching them to trust Jesus Christ with their lives.
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“Life-changing in many ways!” was the response of a recent Serve Team member when he was asked about how his week of service in Honduras had impacted him. Touching people’s lives by meeting some basic medical, dental and optical needs, and then sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ results in refreshed faith for many. Uniting with other Christians to serve in the name of the Lord and share the Good News is a powerful experience! 
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