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WGO exists to do three things well.
1.  To serve and reach the poor. for Christ. 
2.  To provide care for displaced or abandoned children.
3.  To provide opportunities for the North American Church to  experience the joy that comes through serving. 
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At Rancho Ebenezer, outside of Tegucigalpa Honduras, WGO is raising children who were formerly abused and abandoned. Your sponsorship of $30 per month will help us give the child that you sponsor full-time care, an education, Christian discipling and hope for a better future.


After 31-years we are expanding our ministry to Belize. The WGO Belize campus is under construction as teams come help build cabins. Please help us prepare for new ministry in Belize. More...

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WHAT are we about?
WGO Vision statement: "Impacting the faith of Christ followers through serving and evangelizing children and the poor."
WHY are we pursuing this vision?
We are driven to pursue this vision because of three fundamental Biblical mandates:
  1. To care for the poor, especially the widows and orphans (James 1:27).
  2. To be fishers of men and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost (Matthew 4:19).
  3. To be accountable before God for how we meet the needs of others (Matthew 25:31-46).
HOW are we accomplishing this vision?
We are accomplishing this vision by engaging in three areas of ministry:
  1. Serve Teams
  2. Rancho Ebenezer Children's Ministry
  3. Impact on the North American Believer
About our three areas of ministry:
WGO Serve Teams
Teams of volunteers provide a vital link between the Church in the US and the needs in Honduras. Teams are given opportunities to serve, using the full breadth of their abilities to make life-changing and meaningful contributions that impact the people of Honduras.
Rancho Ebenezer Children's Ministry
Rancho Ebenezer's lively 90-acre campus serves as home to abandoned, orphaned and displaced children from birth to 18 years of age. We provide caring homes, a vital bilingual education and vocational training to our young at-risk population. Here, children experience a loving family life under the guidance of attentive caregivers and mentor house parents who look to their physical and spiritual needs daily, teaching them to trust Jesus Christ with their lives.
The Bridge House program meets young people at the crossroads of adolescence and adulthood to provide guidance and training as they make the transition to independent living after graduating the Rancho Ebenezer program. Loving, on-site mentors provide these young adults with hands-on support and encouragement while they learn life skills, work toward personal goals and explore the application of Christian faith in their lives.
Impact on the North American believer
Perhaps the biggest surprise for most people coming on WGO teams is how they receive more in return from the Honduran people and from their own teammates than they give, but this is a key element to the week of service and is the reason that a large number of team members come back year after year. Team members experience a reinvigorated faith, unifying service in the body of
Christ, and a new perspective on building God's kingdom globally.



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